The World is a Weird Place

I’ve gone about in life pondering over the idea of “what really is the meaning to life”? I feel like life is like a video game that we’re all playing and at the end, we’ll all find a hidden piece that we’ve been looking for. We’re put on this earth to be productive and “successful” human beings, but nobody’s perfect and we’ve all fallen and failed at some points in our lives. Like in a video game, when you die, you can always be revived and this relates along the lines of getting back up after something doesn’t go the way we’ve planned. To think of life and the world like such is…. weird. My definition of the word “weird” isn’t a good or bad term. In other words, we could say interesting or unique. Just like how every individual is created differently, it’s what makes us special in our own ways and it’s the same idea as to my thoughts about this world we live in. Nothing in this world is made/ build exactly the same.

In this time era, it’s safe to say that we all live our lives according to what society has to offer. In my opinion, this can be good because if forces us to hold ourselves accountable in contributing to our communities…but this could also be not so good. A lot of the times, we do things to please/ impress others because we know that if we aren’t adapted to society’s standards, we’ll definitely stand out. There’s no way around it. I’ve come to the realization that it’s weird how this is how we humans created this world to live in. It’s weird how judgmental thoughts about other’s run through our minds an it’s all over the littlest things or things that an individual can’t control. It’s like there’s a missing piece that we’re all missing, so our world can’t come together as one.

I wonder if our world will ever evolve into a peaceful society with limited arguments, fights, disagreements, judgements, etc.

We talk about how fighting is bad and no one wants to argue, but I realize that we will never live in a world without “arguments” because it’s part of the human nature. Why is this so called “bad” thing a part of us? We as individuals all have our own mind, our own thoughts, our own beliefs that we live up to. This mindset sometimes clashes with others and that’s how disagreements start, but to say we shouldn’t fight for what we want and we should all get along at all times is absurd and nonrealistic to say. My point is, we definitely should have our own thoughts and opinions and it is okay to not agree or even like everyone we encounter in this world, but why have continuous negativity for little to no reason? To make ourselves feel better? I don’t know about you, but it’s draining, to always get mad or annoyed with someone over and over again.

If we take a step back and really analyze our world, it’s a beautiful thing. The only thing is, it’s surrounded and filled with lots of negativity and this is the part we as individuals focus on. We tend to focus on the negative side of things and very little on the positive side. Yes, life is hard, but a little tip to make our lives easier: spread and surround yourself with positivity!

This was just a short broad post with some of my thoughts as to why I think this world is a weird, unique place. In my english class, we have to write a research paper and our class theme is about environmental downfalls. As i’m doing more research, i’m starting to become more aware about our world “flaws” and it got me thinking “why”.

On another note, I do think there’s always room for improvement, but nothing will change if no one takes action. Let’s hold ourselves accountable to focusing more on the good side/ better things in life than the “other side”. This world is a “weird” place.

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