Who are you?

I recently watched a video about sociopaths. Why? I don't know. But let me tell you, i'm glad 
I did. There's so many conspiracy theories about different things in this world and one that's
the most interesting to me are the ones talking about humans. Why humans behave the way
that they do can sometimes be a whole story on another level. Watching this video took me on 
a rollercoaster ride and so many thoughts ran through my mind...: are you a sociopath? 

Now listen, this term "sociopath" has a deeper meaning than just a negative term.
Some adjectives: carefree, harmful, fake, easily likable, etc. Now i'm not here to give a lecture 
about this word, but instead let me give some insight on something to think about. 

Wearing a mask is not hard to do.
I'm sure most of us, if not all can relate. 
We sometimes do it to
hide insecurities,
or to fake to be someone we're not,
but what if....
someone wore a mask to force you to do something in their favor?
And you had no clue.
They seem very nice and themselves, but are they?
Sometimes we stand so strong to hide the weakness 
Be somebody we're not 
but how can we tell?

Is there a way to see the true meaning of people through a extra 'fancy' mask? 
The thought of this kind of scares me. I like to think that I know the real meaning behind people 
from the first time I speak to them. But now thinking back, I've been in some 'fake' relationships
and I learned the hard way. I can't imagine being "friends" or "in love" with someone who is just
using you so they can be 
the best . 

Some advice?
Stay true to your heart 
and is compliments back.
Sometimes we fall 
but we always get back up and continue walking.  

People can be so deceiving that this doesn't even cross our minds. The fact that there are
people in this world  there to fake themselves to lower your self esteem and improve theirs
is sickening to the core. It makes me rethink about all my present and past relationships 
whether it be with my family members or friends. Have I ever come across someone who 
is truly deceiving? Did I catch it early on or was I too late? How can we be sure to not fall for 
this evil trap that many people in this world does? Having and wanting only good vibes in 
your life is one of the best things i've ever wanted for myself as an individual. I'm constantly
thinking about ways to better improve myself and possibly share these ideas that have worked
for me with others who may also be struggling. This is just one of the ideas that crossed my 
mind and i've been thinking really deeply about it. How do we know when we can actually trust 
someone or is our whole life meant to be faked? 

This isn't to point anyone of particular out, I just wanted to jot down some thoughts to get off
my chest and maybe someone else will find it as interesting as I did. 🙂 

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