Dear Future Self

Have you ever thought about what your life in going to be like within the next 5-10 years? What will I look like? What will I be doing with my life? Where will I live? So many questions cross my mind and I wish I could just fast forward 5 years from now. In reality, it’s not possible, so you just have to make the most of your life and live day by day. I’ve recently read a book and I came across some interesting life messages that I would like to share and talk briefly about. The book mentioned how everyone needs their own place in this world. Just this simple line got me thinking “this is so true”. Often times in life, we take so many things for granted and we get caught up in our own selves or in other people’s lives. We don’t focus on what’s really important in life which is trying to love and accept yourself. This is also a huge issue nowadays because of social media. We often find ourselves trying to be like our favorite celebrity or someone “popular” just so we can fit in with society. I hope that 5 years from now, things change for the better. I can honestly say, I find myself guilty of this as well, but who doesn’t. It’s a natural instinct to compare yourself to others and want to be the best in the world and be known for something great.

Going back to the “futuristic” idea, if you really think about it, your life’s passion could be waiting for you, or is waiting for you if you haven’t found what you want to do yet, and you don’t even know it. I’m in college and so i’m just patiently waiting for the day I carry on with my life’s passing and just living my best life. I’m anxious to know what my future self will be doing because I think I know what I want and I am determined to make it happen, but things always change. That’s the beauty in life itself. You can never actually see what life has in store for you, but just remember that everything happens for a reason and sometimes things are just not going to go your way. Maybe it’s for the better or not,but either way things will fall into place so just give life some time. We all deserve the opportunity to spread out our wings and see how it feels to fly. I encourage others as well as myself to take risks in life because you never know what’s going to happen. Taking risks is something I sometimes take second guesses on, but I always do things with a valid reason behind it and with a clear mindset.

Now I want you to think about this. We all need to do something wrong because it feels right to face the consequences of a decision made in passion to learn what it means to fail. You may have heard in life that you need to fail in life to learn or “learn from your mistakes”. I truly think this is a true statement because having failures in life is what makes a person that much stronger. Yes, nobody likes to fail so when we do, we come back up with a stronger mindset of “what can I do this time so I don’t fall back down”? God created all individuals to fail inn this world. No one was created perfectly and all humans are made to make mistakes whether it’s once in awhile, or everyday. It is okay to fail because all those fails combine creates something worth waiting for in the end.

These are just some world issues and inspirational quotes that has got me thinking. I would definitely look back on this 5 years from now to see how has this world changed. I’m also curious to see how my mindset will change overtime. I think it’s kind of interesting and neat thing to do to look back at yourself now (future self looking back) just to see and reflect on the growth or changes. It’s a therapeutic thing knowing that you have plans for yourself and hopefully, you somehow fulfill them or you get to where you want to be later on in life.

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